A word or two about what I see and why I do this.  I taught myself to shoot and built a darkroom over forty five years ago.  The media was film, and I shot black and white.  I evolved into the world of Kodachrome 64, and learned color.  Then I quit for thirty years, as I found the glass of the lens getting in the way of living.  Now I have rediscovered my love for images through a digital SLR.  Influences are Stieglitz, Weston, Adams, and Strand.  But somewhere in there my eye drifted, and I started to see differently. 

I hope you enjoy what is here, it truly is a work of love for me. 

All material on this site is copyrighted.  In the event that you would like to purchase an image that you see here please contact me directly at the e-mail address on the last page.